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Quit Smoking - Some Tips that Help!

The following are some tips that can help you to both prepare for and to maintain a life without cigarettes and these thus can help enable you to quit smoking with a little more confidence and ease.

A Plan – Pick a date on the calendar as your quitting day. Some studies have indicated that you’re more likely to stay quit if you choose to quit on a Monday. Monday is typically the start of the week for most cultures, and because of this, people for some reason are more likely to remain smoke free if they choose this day.

Rewards – Make sure you line up some rewards during the periods of your initial quitting stages. Think about booking a massage once or twice a week for the first month. Make sure you take yourself out to nice restaurants and allow yourself to put on weight. You’re making a big change that takes some effort; the job of stopping smoking permanently is made a lot easier if you use other areas of your life to enjoy yourself.

Fluids – Make sure you help the body process and to clean out the system by drinking a large amount of fluids both before quitting smoking and especially during the initial stages of your quitting plan.

Friends – Make sure you speak to friends that have quit smoking successfully. They can provide you with tips that can help. They can also provide a very good support structure who can walk you through the process as well as to be the people that can support you – especially in times of severe stress and need. You should also avoid spending time with friends and family that do smoke. You do not want to put yourself into a situation in which people around you are smoking, because you increase your temptation and your likelihood by doing so.

Hypnosis – Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are powerful tools that can help you to stop. Hypnosis is a deeply relaxing state in which the unconscious mind can be untrained, to be brought into alignment with the conscious desires of being a non-smoker and to quit smoking. You perhaps can research hypnosis and hypnotherapy further to ascertain whether you can find a local hypnotherapist who could help you. Be sure to find a hypnotherapist who has the relevant experience as well as the proper qualifications to help you.

Nicotine Patches – Nicotine patches can provide the nicotine that cigarettes used to provide prior to quitting. Using these stop smoking aids can help you ease into a non smoking reality and subsequently lessen the withdrawal effects of now being a non smoker. The body typically takes a few days, sometimes longer to get rid itself of the nicotine. Patches have helped many people get off cigarettes and may be of help to you in your endeavor of stopping.

Regardless of how you do it, quitting smoking can be a tremendous challenge but doing so is tremendously rewarding. More energy, more money, more life, more health – all significant reasons as to why you should start the process now.

Stop Smoking Aids for Beginners

Finding good stop smoking aids is no easy job, especially for those people who don't trust medication. In other words, if you are a person who thinks quitting smoking is possible without any prescription from your therapist it means you are heading towards a brighter smoke less future. However, there are cases when people are too desperate and don't have a clue where to start from. In most of these cases, medication and drugs that could help one overcome all the withdrawal symptoms and cravings are given. No matter how strong one might be, there are situations when the pain is so huge that you would do anything for it to go away just for one minute.

We previously talked about one of the most important requirements that a person who is willing to quit smoking must have and that is commitment. Without being determined to start a new life and to totally give up smoking you won't be able to do it, even with the most expensive aids that are produced for heavy smokers. There are plenty of nicotine replacement products nowadays. When I say "plenty" I mean really "a lot" of them. You have those that you can stick on your skin, the gum, etc. There are so many that sometimes people who are looking for solutions to give up smoking fast and easy seem to be a little bit overwhelmed and have no clue where to start.

Sometimes you just have to learn how to quit smoking from those who already did it. So why not seek the blog of an ex smoker and try to calculate his or her progress. I think that this might be a really good idea since in most of the cases people are just saying one thing and doing the vice versa. Make a commitment right now, just after finishing to read my new post and begin your smokeless life changing program. If you are a heavy smoker willing to see something new in this world, you need to stop being addicted to nicotine. The failure to achieve this goal is going to lock you in the tobacco prison for the rest of your life, which in fact, isn't that long if you continue this way.

Sure thing, I don't believe in drugs either and I never took them (honestly) when quitting smoking and even when facing those awful cravings. Anyways, this doesn't mean that I never wondered, "How the heck to I get rid of cravings when quitting smoking?". The problem is that in most of the cases this is the price that you will be required to pay for spending the rest of your life away from cigarettes. Otherwise, you are welcome to continue your daily one pack routine and enjoy a lung cancer in several years; and as nowadays they don't have any reliable cancer treatment for most smokers that get it, I suppose that you are a grown up and realize what is going to happen.

The purpose of this post entitled "Stop Smoking Aids for Beginners" is to show you once again that if you don't take action nothing is going to happen. As my main purpose is to try and help as many people as possible quit smoking, I won't possible try to influence you to use any particular method to get rid of this life taking addiction. However, if you think that being aided by some kind of drug like Zyban or Chantix is going to help, than you are welcome to try - maybe you'll succeed. Anyway, be aware of the possible secondary effects that most of these products have. It's great to quit smoking, but it's not okay to face suicidal thoughts afterward.

If you are a quit smoking beginner and you need help, you may try several stop smoking aids in order not to go crazy the first several days (mostly first week) after you stop inhaling the smoke from cigarettes and decide that you won't be smoking again. I would suggest nicotine patches, but as most of you already realize that this is not honest stop smoking, you can go without taking anything at all. However, don't say that you haven't been warned. In most of the cases you will be facing terrible pain, nausea, insomnia and many other unpleasant issues. So, take your time for your decision. Most aids to help you get rid of nicotine also have their negative aspects so don't blindly believe in everything that you are being given or told.

quit smoking girl