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Smoking Cessation - Our Philosophy on How to Quit Smoking

There are different reasons why today we decided that it’s time to talk about quit smoking cessation on our how to quit smoking blog. We are going to make everything possible to be as explicit as possible. Plenty of things are happening to people all over the world every day but it seems ignorance is still dominating some of the most important aspects and as matter of fact we are here to prove that something can be done and there is hope for the future, hope for each and everyone of you to quit smoking and to cease the tobacco addiction once and for all. Today we are going to talk about kindness, courage, faith and honor – these being the most important and fundamental values that one person must have in order to be able to get rid of the nicotine addiction once and for all and to change his or her life in the end. While many people are striving to get rid of this without any good results we are insisting here only on natural ways to cease smoking and would like to tell our readers that no matter what others are trying to tell you and sell to you and push and market there are still some basic elementary methods, tricks and tips that are going to help you cure this weakness without wasting your money. If you don’t believe that you always have an alternative. Choose another direction.

Ceasing to smoke is crucial people. Did you know that almost every five to ten seconds someone dies because of cancer? Do you want to be the next one? Aren’t you sick and tired of what is going on in this world and want to do something in order to change things? There are many issues that need to be analyzed carefully and talked about here. However, we cannot manage them all and today there is plenty of time for all of you to try and dominate what has been said to that part where each and everyone of you can take its own decision and say once and for all that today it’s time to help someone stop smoking, today it’s time to quit the smoking urge once and for all and you should be the one who actually does it by taking this decision, by winning upon your weakness. Those who think that the whole world is guilty and not only they are and that the society made them to smoke and damage badly their lungs and healthy are making one major mistake and basically don’t have any idea about what is really going on. People were, are and continue to be weak and to fear the truth. This is a big characteristic of the whole human kind. We still don’t know if something can be done about it but as long as there are people who are trying to do everything possible to stop smoking, to quit once and for all using today’s best quit smoking cessation programs that are highly available in the whole world.

The problem that we are facing today in the health market is not the quit smoking products that are being sold almost everywhere. The main issue is therefore combined in the people’s way of thinking and because not everyone are trying to admit that there are plenty other stuff to do in life except just trying to figure out how to quit smoking most of you guys are failing and that is a pity. We are having quite and philosophical approach when talking and rambling and analyzing things that people might be interested in, especially when it’s about smoking. There are plenty of stuff and we need to understand that what is done has to be done till the end. A lot of those that are writing to us on a daily basis asking about our hypnotherapy methods to quit smoking and many other issues that we talked about in our previous posts still think that there is some kind of magic bullet that is basically going to help each and every smoker out there to do what he has to do by himself i.e. quit smoking now!

No one is going to help you do that except of you. There are no others that are going to try and do what they have to do just for the sake of helping you quit smoking. It is enough, many have already suffered and you need to be aware of the facts that there are plenty of other reasons that we ignore on purpose just for the sake of saying that we are not able to quit smoking because this and that and because something hurts today and because the weather is bad today and because we are not able to go into sports and because my head hurts the first three or four days when we try to smoking and many other pathetic reasons that most of you find irritating and annoying and that is why give up smoking pretty quick without even “leaving your home” (meaning without even trying to support the pain and suffering a little bit). If you think that we are a bit cruel here when addressing this message to the whole world that is searching for more worthless quit smoking programs out there you might be right. However, there are some things that you might read here and that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, on other websites, forums, etc. Yes, people are saying that they always help each other quit smoking but this is a big lie. They are constantly concealing one another that it is good not to quit for the first time and that failure is okay. How about acupuncture to quit smoking? When you look directly at all those quit smoking cessation forums you realize that they are not having the proper attitude that is going to make them convince other like them to stop smoking, to start another life, to convince themselves and other to quit smoking – which is in fact that main reason why everything is being written, told, published and let the world to discover. We have our own interests here but as you probably understand we are hoping that people change their way of thinking. They need to understand from the first moment what should most of them understand and know what to expect when someone or even they quit smoking. Yes, there are going to be a lot of cravings, yes there might be some headaches, suffering and unpleasant feelings, you might not be able to sleep for a few nights, you are going to feel extremely tired and sometimes we have seen people that are thinking about suicide when quitting smoking. Well, yes, actually it can go that deep. However, if you have a strong character that could start smoking you can also use it to quit smoking because there is nothing better then knowing that you are not addicted to anything in this world, while on the main place are the substances that most people think impossible to beat. This is so wrong. You have tons of quit smoking cessation programs all over the place and you say quitting smoking is extremely hard?

You are going to be literally bombarded with different quit smoking cessation programs and projects related to this kind of activities, let them be free, paid sessions, books, CD’s, information of any time and so on. People know that they are overwhelmed by this kind of information but this is what is going to happen sooner or later without anyone to listen what they have to say. You have to understand what most of the quit smoking cessation programs are basically worthless if you don’t have the necessary guts to say that something is wrong, something has to be done and if you don’t have the necessary guts to say that it is enough and one needs to start a new life by quitting smoking in the first place. We are not going to analyze any smoking cessation programs on this site, pages, articles, posts. We don’t need that and we don’t want people to believe that we are always looking to make a profit out of people’s will to spend some time and read what we think should be acted and done instead. Take action now, stop reading quit smoking sites and looking for information. Those of you who are constantly trying to quit smoking from one time to another are making big mistakes because they have no idea what should be done and they are always scared about those issues that are being promoted without their desire. You say that you cannot quit smoking without the help of those smoking cessation programs just because your friend is always saying so and just because everyone are saying so and just because a lot of people are also doing it. You become one with the stupid herd which has no values, no life morals and does everything the health market which is extremely profitable looks for them to perform. To buy their new quit smoking pill or quit smoking medication or to seek for the latest and extremely positively great quit smoking prescription. All these issues are going to become worthless in the long run if you are not morally prepared to face it, if you have at least some kind of constraints and if you are doing all the things that they tell you to do. Stop now, it’s time for a change, it’s time to modify your different regards towards all the quit smoking cessation programs out there.

It’s time to act. Smoking cessation is a solution for all of you. Is it so hard to quit smoking today – we ask. Yes it is – they answer. How can one quit smoking without really know how to do it. Well, we shall ask – how can one start smoking without know what he or she is doing? There are many things that can be easily debated down here but we should not limit ourselves with that. You need to analyze carefully the cause and effects of everything that you do in life if you want to have some kind of success, including in your work, health and especially in quitting smoking, In order to be able any kind of addiction you are going to need to perform what you never did in your life. You need to try and accumulate more power, knowledge, to make a commitment and to use your own dedication skills in order to stick to it till you achieve any kind of results that are out there. People are here to admit that they can’t quit smoking because they don’t have any idea how it is done. Well, why is that. You can find tons of information about smoking cessation on the internet but however, the problem is a little bit of other nature. We are all lazy and this is a little bit different from all that that you expected to find here. You expected to find maybe another worthless book that is going to give you 10 quick ways to quit smoking efficiently. Well, believe it or not we are not that kind of people and we don’t need you doing what you do and people to believe what they believe. We are here to send a quit smoking message to the whole world. We are here to prove that each and every one of you can and might success in their smoking cessation campaign if they have the guts at least to try without giving up first. That is our main goal and by writing articles and exposing them to the whole world we try to reach those people of the world that are really seeking for help and that are desperate. To all those of you that are feeling anxious, irritated, annoyed of all those things that you meet and do in your daily activities we have a solution and believe it it’s a natural one.

Our quit smoking cessation ideas and thoughts are not based on any quit smoking calculators. We promote a method that has strictly to do with psychological development, with a little bit of hypnosis and hypnotherapy but we are not trying to tell you that you have no chance of quitting smoking without trying this ultra new great method with one thousand quit smoking testimonials. We are here to do things that others don’t and we are probably already breaking the usual patters of most quit smoking websites where everyone is smiling and telling you that everything is okay while in the background they are doing everything possible to sell you some worthless piece of crap quit smoking book. We don’t do that. We offer you the free information that is going to be necessary for you to get, to analyze, to see what works and what doesn’t and to take what you think is useful. We tell you for free, from our own +20 years experience in smoking and thousand of quit smoking attempts that failed in the end that the most important moment in that whole quit smoking business is your mind, your belief, your own concerns, your commitment and your dedication to achieve those things in life.

Our quit smoking cessation message is pretty simple. Never give up. If you are supposed to try over and over again you are doing well. You are accumulating the best luggage of knowledge about smoking cessation and about how to quit smoking more then anyone else on this planet. And let’s all together hope that time will come when you are going to wake up one morning, look in the mirror and say: “It’s enough, smoking is slowly killing, something needs to be done, from this day, do what you want but that man or person in the mirror is not going to smoke anymore”. Starting from that day you made a terrible commitment that is probably going to change your entire life, that is going to push you take further decision that are going to affect your well being and so on and so forth. So please think about smoking cessation! There is nothing wrong with that. Read more about important health issues. Go into sports; maybe start practicing some kind of martial arts, go to some self defense seminars and classes. Make your schedule busy; don’t waste your time searching for stuff that is worthless. Put and end to your old way of being. Begin a new life, a smoke free life, a tobacco free life, an addiction free life without any smoke at all. You deserve it. Do it with this quit smoking cessation attitude that we mention in this post. Change your life, change your mind, quit smoking!

Charlie Rotario
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