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Quit Smoking Medication

A lot of people want to find out how to quit smoking with the help of medication. However, the bad part is that only a few of them are really aware and care about all the possible dangerous secondary effects that most of those who try these drugs nowadays experience. The society we live in was designed and programmed so that it seeks fast and "reliable" solutions no matter what those problems that need to be solved really are. Actually, I'm very frustrated when people rely on prescriptions and medications without first taking some time and doing a little bit of research. Plenty of information about most of the negative effects of using medication to overcome the smoking addiction are available online today. Use your imagination and some basic computer skills and you'll definitely manage to understand why we suggest people to stay away from most quit smoking medications out there. While many people claim that they succeeded to quit smoking with the help of different drugs and prescriptions - this is not true. The psychological factor is also involved and one has to understand that before anything else.

However, some of our friends told me that sometimes it's no the best idea for people to figure out how things really work. I tend to look quite skeptical at these things. If you are a wise person and always search for solutions to your problems while also understanding and realizing what is going on you have to do your homework no matter what. We support the idea that one has to acknowledge all the aspects and parts of his quit smoking strategy and to be completely aware about some possible bad effects in case there are some. The bad part about all prescriptions written to help you get rid of the tobacco addiction is that while keeping your mind, body and soul away from the urge to light another cigarette, your stomach, heart and liver might be easily affected. Those medications created to help people quit smoking are chemical based. Why? Well, first of all because it is extremely profitable. The health market bring in almost the same profits each and every year as the cigarette selling businesses so there is nothing for you to worry about. We had the opportunity and managed to talk with people from both sides of these industries and we can firmly state that none of them really care about what is going to happen to you in the long run.

Those quit smoking drugs that are constantly being advertised on TV are actually not what they seen. Even if they use little tiny characters to write about the potential dangers of taking this medication and keep it on the screen like 5 seconds it still doesn't mean that people realize and manage to read about what is really going on. So who does acquire medications to help them get rid of nicotine addiction? Well, mostly desperate people. I personally have a lot of friends that have been smoking for a long time, that still smoke and I don't believe that they'll quit anytime soon. Being in pretty good relation with all of them, I've taken the time to interview those that wanted to offer me this privilege about their vision on quit smoking medication and what do they think about trying something like this. While this might sound pretty weird, it is what it is. So after talking with about seven different individuals, the most common answer in like five out of seven cases was "I better die because of cigarettes and smoking than taking those extremely dangerous heart attack causing medications that everyone hates". In the other two cases I was simply told that they don't care either about medications or about nicotine in general. They just smoke and don't want to take this too close because so far everything is fine. Well - ignorance at it's best.

So here you just had the chance to see how ordinary smokers that realize what is going on with their lives and completely understand that smoking is dangerous think about medication. They don't want to try it and they saw what the aftermath is in most of the cases. The typical answers was a popular one and I can't say that I don't agree with it. Smoking kills but most medications to stop smoking can also ruin your life if you don't have any idea what you are doing. Please don't misunderstand us - it's not that we force people NOT to use any kind of drugs during their quit smoking attempts, it is just that there are already so many cases where people seriously complained about experiencing some tricky symptoms after a few days of taking these pills that I don't even know what to think. So guys, even if you are really desperate about getting rid of any kind of addiction, avoid all these hyped medications by all means possible because you'll have the chance to regret it lately. We stand still on our positions and always recommended people to learn more about alternative ways to stop smoking and to get rid of their cigarette addiction. Something it is not what everyone thinks. Our ancestors managed to find cures using herbs and different substances for much complicated syndromes and diseases. If they managed to do something like this I consider that it is possible to stop lightening cigarettes with the help of natural methods.

What's really interesting is that sometimes even in christian drug rehab centers people are given medication to stop their addiction from other type of drugs and medications. Isn't that absurd? Yes it is! What's the point of staying away from one type of addiction and changing it to another. Believe it or not, most companies in the quit smoking health industry are doing everything possible to make the treatment of any person that seeks help in overcoming his nicotine addiction last a little bit longer. Something like this will dramatically increase the profits when talking at a world wide scale. They claim that products like Zyban and Chantix managed to aid millions of people quit smoking, but why don't they tell the world about various cases of pretty bad secondary effects that happened due to their medications? Don't they have the necessary courage to do so? No - but this would simply ruin their business and they can't accept something like this to go on. That's why they are obliged to lie and even if a large scale (for a short period of time) their smoking addiction stopping medication works, there are plenty of simple citizens that tried it without having any results and even more - had to suffer a lot because of the negative effects that were outlined in the consequences. So please make your conclusion, analyze things carefully in your head and determine what your goal really is. If you want to be healthy - then be healthy and start a healthy way of living, but don't change one type of illness or dependency on another.

We continue to receive emails and questions from people that want us to show them the best way of how to quit smoking with the help of medication or what is the best medication to stop smoking these days. Sometimes I just ask them about their real goals but in most of the cases I just try to incorporate all my thoughts, ideas and answers in the articles that I write on this blog. Our quit smoking medication view about generally stepping away from the nicotine addiction has gained a lot of popularity lately. People want to know more about alternative methods to stop smoking - they want to start implementing more safe and natural ways to quit smoking. It's hard to reply to approximately twenty to fifty emails per day trying to explain people that it's dangerous to use these newly developed chemical based medications to quit smoking and that it is going to take a lot of time for them to develop something really safe and that won't provide any secondary or bad affects. The interesting part about this is that these industries support each other. The scheme is quite simple. You being smoking, slowly, day by day and cigarette by cigarette you become addicted to nicotine. You start buying more tobacco thus increasing the profits of cigarette producing companies. After a while you feel that smoking is simply going to ruin your live either through any type of cancer (mostly lung cancer) or just by some kind of heart attack. You start o realize that you are living only one life and that you have to do something about it otherwise the end is near.

Now you have the chance to understand that kind of feeling pushes people to accept medications to overcome smoking as their only solution. They feel that death is near and this is a special sensation that not everyone has experienced. When you have that feeling and time is running by extremely fast you no longer care about how much money you paid on your health insurance package. All you want to do is just become healthy again as fast and as soon as possible. This is not your ordinary feeling of uncertainty. It is much more than that and we don't want anyone of you people that read this article to have that feeling in front of your mind and eyes ever in your life. It's not something to joke about. Using this kind of emotions, they sell you these drugs; and you buy them because due to your ignorance you are firmly convinced that there is no other way out. The most attractive idea about all these products is that they promise you "guaranteed" (in a way or another) results in a certain amount of time. People are trapped inside the idea that soon enough they'll be free again and they don't care how much money they are giving away on that brand new quit smoking medication that just came out on the market a day before. Some of them are so excited that they don't want to remember or realize that their first five to ten attempts to stop the terrible nicotine addiction failed, even though the methods were also based on drugs or any other type of prescriptions.

If you have been reading for some time this blog you probably understand and realize that our quit smoking blog is totally against those fast and easy result promising solutions that the majority of smokers love and get scammed by. We believe that no matter what kind of medication you use, either for overcoming a certain addiction, treating an illness or even menopause medication, it can still be avoided if you have trust and you want to sincerely work upon yourself to become stronger and to change your life forever, once and for all. Those who claim, without thinking, that not the methods and strategies are really important but the overall results are don't know what they are talking about. This is like trying to solve a math problem and instead of showing the teacher that you are actually able to think out the solution you just copy the result from the end of the book. It's like lying to your own self - a terrible feeling of humiliation that I completely don't agree with. If you want to quit smoking you have to pass through those cravings, you have to understand that is is not going to be easy, you have to work hard towards victory. Experience that you will accumulate during all these steps that need to be made is much more valuable than the final results - quitting smoking no matter what.

Big companies that play the quit smoking pill game and mass produce medications to help you quit smoking and overcome any possible nicotine related addiction know very well how to attract buyers like you and how to make a sale. If you are a smoker you are probably a little bit desperate about quitting and how to do it faster and without suffering a lot, without experiencing those awful cravings. Remember that the western civilization still lives in the fast food era and everyone wants everything done fast, no matter what. Unfortunately, it just does not work this way another and we are here trying to open your eyes that it is much more important to concentrate all your strengths and efforts on trying to live a health way of live, from all perspectives and points of view, let it be eating, going into sports, stretching, breathing exercises, etc - than constantly seeking those "stable" options that are going to help you quit smoking once and for all. Those who really believe in "the best way to quit smoking" or in the ultimate method of achieving a smokeless life are in my opinion a little bit native. Your ignorance is going to make you waste a lot of money in quit smoking products without any serious effects. Get rid of all your illusions. If you want to quit smoking than start a new life first of all by changing the way you think and you treat others around you (we'll talk about the important of your attitude int he following posts).

Any drug and alcohol rehabilitation center will also insist in you taking those medications from time to time. Why does this happen? Why would those people that actually seem to be helping you want to harm your health? There are several reasons for this. First of all most of the people that work for these centers have no clue about what is really going on and secondly if you want to help someone quit smoking without any kind of drugs you have to afford to stay with him a lot of precious time. However, due to the fact that there are thousands of rehabilitation centers and millions of patients (ex heavy smokers) that are dying because of the extreme cravings they experience - time is not enough. They use medications to stop their cravings and lower the pain. However, by lowering the pain everyone begins to forget about how hard quitting smoking really is an there still remains that possibility that due to some kind of stress they will light that human killing cigarette again, once they are out of that center. Easy as that - and there is nothing one can do about it. People that want to stop their addiction have to understand that the most effective and long term help, especially when trying to deal with overcoming cigarettes, is that one that comes from the inside, the inner self help. When you seek exterior help you won't get what you are looking for, even if you are offered the most expensive medications written black on white on your prescription piece of paper.

My wife and me - we both have a lot of friends that no longer accept medications. They tend to consume healthy food, to go for walks, to stay fit, to ride their bicycle and the most important to have the proper attitude. By saying focusing one a correct mindset we actually mean being calm and keeping your nerves low. There is an old saying which claims that all diseases and problems come from suffering. In this case you have to closely analyze where does suffering come from? Desires! When one is not able to meet his or her desires that illusions that are not yet able to materialize transform into pure grief and suffering. It is the way it is and there is nothing you can do about it unless you study how this world and universe works. So our friends aren't monks or anything like this - but they try to lead a healthy way of live. They are both ex smokers but didn't use any kind of medication to quit smoking. They had problems with acne but never invested their money in some type of acne medication. They know and realize how ineffective most of them are and sure thing did their research on the negative secondary effects of these drugs. Even if you don't want to believe it, they have been staying away from all types of health prescriptions for almost five years and there is nothing wrong with them. On the opposite - they look better and more healthy on a daily basis. Do you see the connection? Can you make the necessary conclusion? Are you ready to follow them and make some changes in your life too?

Most of those that managed and had the opportunity to pass through different things in their life know that nothing big is achieved fast and easy. In fact, the expression and phrase "fast and easy" is just to create hype and buzz around different subjects and points and it is not something that represents the real value of things in this world. Why? Because everything that you get done and become successful is always done through your own sweat, blood, hard work and determination. You have to make commitments no matter what happens. You have to keep your mind refreshed and your attitude at the level. Never underestimate your possibilities. Don't be obsessed by many illusions and desires. Just set goals, work hard and you are going to succeed. Using drugs and medications to quit smoking is not a solution. It is nothing more than just a temporary lie that will decrease your cravings and make you believe that everything is gone. However, one you stop taking that pill you'll notice how fast your appetite for a new cigarette will appear. All these products are designed to transfer you from one type of addiction to another and if you don't make some modifications in your mind to understand that you are doomed to continue being exploited all your life.

We know people that actually started to suffer from OCD (Obsessive-compulsive Disoder) after they used different well known quit smoking medications. Now they are looking for OCD medication to get rid of this problem and the vicious cycle continues. Do you see the point? There is no reason in taking their pills just for the sake of lowering the pain. For some of you it might sound pretty cruel but this is the truth believe it or not. When you have a headache, your brain gives you signs that you are doing something wrong: you might have worked too hard or you are overstressed. Take a break. If you take a pill each time you experience a headache you hit your own organism by not offering it the possibility to let you know when something wrong is going on. You have to be careful in this world where everyone is looking to make a profit. Yes, medication did revolutionize some of the aspects of the 21st century medicine, but it is still abused and you are the one who has the right to understand and realize that. You should not become a victim. You are the one that has the full rights to live free without nicotine. Don't rely on quit smoking medication only. It is going to destroy your life just like tobacco does.

The answer is inside you. Seek inner health and start by changing you life, right now! Don't quit smoking just for the sake of quitting smoking! Win the cigarette dependency fight and change your life! Take advantage of the things that have been exposed in this article and you'll manage to solve all your problems, because you are a winner, because you know how to motive yourself, because you know you deserve a better life!
quit smoking girl