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Quit Smoking Timeline

Can a Quit Smoking Timeline Help You Quit Smoking?

It's a common tendency among all those that are seeking for new ways to quit smoking to search for something like quit smoking calculators, quit smoking timelines, quit smoking pills, quit smoking prescriptions and so on. This is something normal - people are looking for ways of making their overall quitting process a little bit easier. We have nothing against that. It is alright to search for help when this is possible. However, the big deal about that and the main reason why we called today's post a quit smoking time line is the fact that more and more people are tending to find excuses for not to QUIT SMOKING while doing these researches in the search engines nowadays. Most of you guys that are visiting this blog got used to the idea that it is probably enough at least once per day to visit such a quit smoking website, gather some information where possible and that is it - homework done for today. However, most of you guys don't really understand that there are other more important things in life that have to be achieved if you really want to be able to quit smoking and do that once and for good. Everyone is quitting smoking these days and most of them fail to keep their promise the next day. The urge to take another puff, to light another cigarette or just to inhale another dose of nicotine is to big and our weak human mind cannot overcome it. You are going to experience that most smoking cessation programs will try to offer you some types of nicotine patches and other things that are going to be promote just for the sake of making money on you. The industries that produce cigerettes and tobacco are not interested for you to find out easy ways to quit smoking. Something like this will never happen and you should understand by all means possible that in order for something like this to happen the world must changed. Unfortunately we are living in a world where everyone is seeking to make a living and a profit and sometimes people go as far as killing each other (thought smoking for example) just for the sake of doing it. As we mentioned in other articles, the main purpose of this blog is to open people's eyes about all the quit smoking and stop smoking scene around that is pushing all those extravagant smoking news about stuff that is worthless and is not going to help neither of you get rid of this addiction. If you really want to know how to cease your smoking habit you need to take it profoundly and change your life, otherwise it is not going to work as you planned it to be. We manage to quit smoking just because we managed to change our live vision towards a lot of things out there. So today, instead of just sitting in front on the TV and watching that cartoon or film that is not doing anything else except entertaining you - better go outside for a walk and meditate on things that you might want or need to change in life. If you are going to be able to realize, without anyone help that something needs to be done, that you don't need any influence from the outside to achieve a goal then you are ready to go. Your life will change and you are going to gain that freedom that everyone is looking for. Most people seek advice at other people that never managed to deal with a certain thing on their own. This is how it works. This is what you should be doing if you don't want to quit smoking. It is what it is guys and you should always seek more answers then you can actually handle because the main problem in nowadays society is the lack of knowledge and of interests towards a lot of issues related to health, education, behavior, society, etc

People actually think that by displaying or ranting in front of their desktop a quit smoking timeline they are going to quit smoking. This is totally wrong, this won't offer you the necessary support to make you overcome your habit easily. This is why we are always seeking for new ways of telling you that there are other more important things to take care of instead of looking for worthless programs on the internet that are not going to help you. Of course, we are offering an alternative for those lazy people that do not have the courage to read this till the end. All is good people and we also don't want everyone there because only those that understand on their own will be able to change their lives. This is true - if you manage to quit smoking you are going to change your life once and for all and this is not joke. This is something that you might need to handle from the very beginning of your campaign or at least attempt to quit smoking. Most of you fail, and the statistics have shown that approximately 99% of people that start an attempt to quit smoking fail. You have to tell yourself that you are not one of them and that you are doing everything possible to succeed and you are going to succeed sooner or later. There is no other options except success. Even failure is success because you are constantly seeking new information and learning from your own mistakes. This is what happens when you know what you are doing. This is what you should do if you want to achieve that kind of knowledge and have the same results as those that understood and managed to quit smoking in time. Nowadays they are living a totally different life and the most important they are free from any addiction. We say this and insist on this in each and every article or post that is being published on this blog because some of you still don't want to understand that important of real things in comparison to fake ideas about someones attempt to quit smoking. People must come to a certain degree of knowledge if they want to do that kind of things. They need to pursue the path of freedom from every type of thing in this life. If you know what is freedom then it would be much more easier for you to find the reliable solution for you to quit smoking in the long run. What you people tend to interpret as a quit smoking time line is nothing more then a illusion and you are going to fail if you continue to think this way. Cravings are nothing more then a desire to continue smoking and light up another cigarette or light up that pipe full o tobacco, the same can be said and applied about chewing. There is nothing better then dealing with a person who is free from dependency like smoking - that person knows the values in life. Smoking is a weakness and in all our articles and posts we tried to explain that to you but it seems that some of you are too ignorant to understand basic things. This blog is a test and it offers an alternative. When you chose the alternative we make money, when you choose to read comprehensively this article till the end you offer yourself a chance and you test your capabilities to finally find someone who is going to tell you wake up! It's time to make something in this life, it's time to run through decisions, it's time to change something. It's time to quit smoking and prove that you can do it without anyone's help.

A quit smoking time line is not going to help you. That has been proven. Not a single stop smoking medication is going to give you that chance to get rid of the addiction as you can. All the prescriptions in the world are made so that once you get them you either need more of them or you return to your old habits. The industry needs to keep you in a rat race and that is what is happening if you do not want to make decisions, if you do not want to change things in life. People are dying daily, each other, each second because of cancer, lung cancer, throat cancer, tongue cancer and many other cruel types of cancer just because of smoking. It is horrible and still a lot of people are pushed from the dark side and find pretty enough reasons to continue their never ending quit smoking venture and never achieve the expected results. When you do a search on the internet for best way to quit smoking you are lying to yourself. You understand that there is no such thing, but you are desperately continue to do things that you think deserve your attention and you can actually pull a lot of important things from that. There is no point in doing so as we are going to prove it to you like we did in our previous posts. It is a waste of time. Stop lying to yourself and to your family members. You need to do your best to succeed. Only in such a manner you will be able to prove that things that work work just because you stepped on the right path and not because the great new extra powerful quit smoking program just got out. Do you understand what we mean by saying that? They want you to believe that something is wrong and the quitting smoking side effects are so big that you probably should never think of quitting smoking again and they push down the road the next big quit smoking timeline or calculator project that is in the end another worthless and pathetic way to make some more money.

Behind the quit smoking time line is the attempt to ruin all your hope in quitting smoking. All these issues that people are doing just for the sake of making you believe that something like overcoming addiction is nothing more then an illusion and you should go back to your work and don't bark if you want to receive at least the money to afford that pack of cigarettes per day. Isn't that pathetic? Don't you think that something has to be changed. Truth will come out sooner or later but the thing is that it might be too late. You need to apply to things that people have to understand otherwise there is no purpose in doing this. People must try and reveal everyone's capabilities and unite if they want to succeed. Sharing helps, helping each other helps, group hypnotherapy also does - however, do not relly only on these things. There are so more important aspects that you have to take care in the first place. Stop playing some unimportant role you need to take care of the important parts first. And the important parts in a quit smoking attempt is changing your way of being, changing your life, changing your mentality. We talked at the beginning of this article about the importance of a proper education and behaviour. Why do you think we mentioned that? Well, first of all because some of the things that people do not understand is that you won't get any help from the outside if you are ugly on the inside. Open your soul. Learn how to smile to others, learn how to dedicate your time to others, learn how to help others, only in this way your mind will be clean and pure enough to be able to accumulate that type of knowledge that you can implement in helping others and yourself at the same time to quit smoking. There is no magic bullet, there is no mystery, no ritual, it's just a matter of time and understanding of things. If you can do this you can master anything. There are no limits in the good things and you are continuously learning. You need to open your mind, soul and body. Changing your way of doing things in life is crucial if you want to be able to quit smoking.

If you are seeking natural ways to stop smoking you have found the best resource online probably. What you still don't understand is that appearances are always mistaken and instead of going somewhere and buying that worthless e-book you could makes the last or one of the first efforts and read as much information as you possible can. Drive your conclusions, understand how things work. Now we are going to pass to a case study and it should work and help you better understand certain aspects of this business. Now imagine that you are working in a bar and everyone is smoking there. How in the world do you want to live a health life if you are always, on a daily basis inhaling that smoking. Something like this is possible - but it is very hard and it seems that most of you don't want to understand that. If you ever come up with something similar please do everything possible to let it appear as something natural. You have to make sure that it works because we are now wanting to let it be accessible to everyone. We want to be able to help more and more people. We do not promote a worthless method - we provoke you to start searching for answers inside yourself. You need to be able to help others quit smoking. Anyway, this blog is going to reach a saturation limit where it is going to go and simply just stand somewhere in the search results providing some type of information that is still going to be just click, five seconds read or title read, never get to the content and click away. This is how it happens in most of the time. We are already aware of that and if you want to be able to achieve the same level of results then good luck. If you want to quit smoking then come back from time to time because you can always seek help somewhere hidden between the lines of the articles published in this quit smoking blog. We not only tend to show you that quitting smoking is real, we want to teach you how to quit smoking!

Now bite your finger and promise yourself that you are not going to smoke anymore. If that happens it means you are totally lost and you better purchase a few hundred worthless e-books more or less till you realize in what type of world we are living in today. A quit smoking time line is a waste of time. It is totally worthless if you really want to cease your tobacco addiction.

Good luck!
Charlie Rotario (ex smoker)
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